Some of The Stunning Ideas for Decorating Your Dining Room with Chandeliers

A better and precisely designed dining room gives a pleasant feeling to enjoy the taste of your food stuff at any time. A perfect layout of chandeliers lighting will have a bonus effect on your mood. Remember bad choice or improper layout of chandeliers can disrupt your dining room design and leave a bad impact on your guests.

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You can choose an inspiring and suitable layout from few of our dining room decorating ideas:

  1. Proper size and design of chandelier

Chandeliers are installed to produce a magnificent and glowing effect rather than troubling you. Your chandelier size should be less than the volume of your table. It will not only give a clean look, but also saves you from hitting the chandelier above your head.

Choose a proper chandelier that matches the shape and design of your dining table. If you have a round dining table, you can opt for a round shaped crystal chandelier. You can also have a spherical raindrop chandelier that covers your round dining table.

Your medium-sized rectangular dining table can look outstanding with a pyramidal shaped chandelier having a rectangular base. A customized double-layered raindrop chandelier can help you with decorating your large dining table for your dinner party.

You can decor a small-sized table using a single pendant of chandelier like a 3D firework bowl-shaped chandelier. However, for larger tables, you may need a collection of chandeliers or a customized chandelier to ensure that the light reaches every corner of the table.

The sidewalls can also be decorated with wall lamp chandeliers to add more luxurious look to your dining room.

  1. Chain length and bulb color

You need to accurately measure the distance between the top of your dining table and the ceiling. Keep the chandeliers at a proper and safe height from your dining table. It will avoid having blocked views.

You can select the color of the chandeliers’ bulbs based upon the colors of curtains, chair covers and table clothing. It will give an immense satisfying view to your dining room.

  1. Proper selection of table, chairs and table-tops

Conversely, the size of your table must be less than the volume of your dining room. It will ensure that your dining room looks spacious and decent. It will also avoid your guests from bumping into chairs or some other objects.

You can also make your dining room look interesting by choosing one or two different designed chairs instead of having the same variety of chairs around your dining table.

Do not make the surface of the table clumsy by placing too many decorative items on it. It looks fine with just a vase of flowers and a napkin folder.

You can keep a proper rug of correct size and texture under the dining table. The rug must be enough to accommodate the chairs, even if they are dragged out for sitting purpose. These rugs will contribute a distinctive look and avoids floor damage due to dragging of chairs.

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