Get Perfect Vacation Rentals For Your Holidays!

For many people, the perfect break from the monotony and boredom of daily life does not solely depend upon the scenery of the destination where they are planning to visit but also on the property, they intend to rent during their holidays.  Finding an appropriate vacation property to rent to meet their holiday requirements is a critical factor in any ideal getaway for such people.

Brian Ferdinand, the COO of Vacation Rentals, LLC and his competent team of vacation professionals state that people planning to go a holiday should consider the following essential factors while choosing the perfect vacation property to rent:

  1. Website

With the event of the internet, many holidaymakers are using online searches to find the right property to rent for their vacation. These people should find a holiday property website, which is user friendly and contain plenty of clear and visible photographs of the property they intend to rent during their holiday. Such websites should also clearly indicate the list of amenities available in the property and their rates along with an availability calendar.  When using a particular holiday property website for bookings, tourists need see whether the site contains clear contact numbers and friendly staff to answer their queries.

  1. Location

Holidaymakers need to have a good look at the location of the vacation villa they intend to rent on the map that property website they are searching on provides. It is important for them to research on what the surrounding areas of that property have to offer them.  For instant, if such people feel that they need to be in close proximity to civilization, how far is the property from the nearest town? Again, if such tourists lists a prefect sea view as an important factor for their holiday, does the property have breathtaking view of the sea from each room?

  1. Amenities

While many tourists regard cleanliness along with outdoor entertainment as important consideration for choosing a vacation rental, they should sit down to review what facilities are available within the property. Do these people consider a modern state-of-art kitchen along with a refrigerator and microwave for self-catering a necessity? Does a vacation property with a large swimming pool and plenty of outdoor entertaining seem more appealing to them?

  1. Security

Many tourists while on holiday regard security as an important issue to consider when choosing the right vacation property but do not want a fortress that restricts their freedom of movement and privacy. They prefer to have a certain amount of privacy from immediate neighbors but do mind them being in the vicinity.

  1. Property Manager

Many holidaymakers feel that having a competent property manager to take care any issue they may have during their stay is desirable. Moreover, they feel that have a local presence who offers them proper assistance in case of any unforeseen emergency and gives adequate feedback to their queries will make their trip more enjoyable.

The Brian Ferdinand vacation professionals emphasize that considering the above factors will ensure a hassle-free vacation.


How To Operate A Holiday Let Property

If you have been tempted by the thought of owning one of the amazing luxury Cotswolds cottages that are around you may have been put off by worries over how you are going to fund it. Of course, if you are considering buying a second home to allow you to holiday in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, then the obvious solution is to let your home out when you aren’t using it.

Have you got a goer?

Before you start getting carried away, you need to do a reality check. Holiday homes make the most money in the best locations. The Cotswolds is an ideal place to run a holiday home as it is easily accessible from London (in fact some people make the commute on a daily basis) and it has great leisure amenities with golf, sailing, gliding, horse riding and walking all available.

Getting started

Before you can let your home, you will need to furnish it. To make the best return you don’t want to skimp on the quality of furnishings – high quality, solid, furniture will typically last longer than cheap, flimsy flat pack. And don’t forget the trimmings. Cushions, pictures and inexpensive ornaments make a cottage feel more homely and lived in which in turn makes it more desirable to holidaymakers. When it comes to colours, going garish and bright and bold will appeal to some but not everyone. Try appealing to a broader customer base by keeping your decor neutral, and adding some colour in the shape of accent pieces such as vases, cushions and throws.

When deciding how to furnish your cottage, it is important to balance fitting more people in (so you can charge more) against making the house feel small and cluttered. Bunk beds should be used with caution as many adults dislike them and that can limit bookings, as can having more than two beds in any one room. A sofa bed can be a useful addition to increase the occupancy rating and twin beds that can be turned into a double allow for flexibility. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to accept pets in your holiday let, but some holidaymakers won’t stay in cottages where pets have been previously so this may impact on your ability to rent the property out.

A cheap way of making your home seem more inviting, and of guarding against inevitable breakages in the short-term, is to buy at least twice as much crockery and cutlery as you have beds. You’ll get more complaints if you’re short of wine glasses than if you have a cupboard full!

Optional extras

Cottages with outdoor space should offer patrons the chance to use it so provide a table and chairs. If space permits a BBQ is a nice touch too. For the luxury market extras such as hot tubs, spa baths and saunas can increase the amount you can charge by a significant amount so may be worth including if you can.

The other big “extra” to consider is the question of pets – especially dogs. It can be tempting to say no as the house will require extra cleaning, but if you are starting out, and can pet-proof at least part of the house, you automatically increase the number of possible bookings.


Unless you are buying a place next door to where you live and are prepared to get your hands dirty you will probably need to arrange for a cleaner to visit after the guests have left. You will probably also want to instruct a lettings agency to handle bookings so don’t forget to include these costs in your calculations.

Keep this list to hand, and you’re sure to have all the bases covered with your holiday let property.

Holiday & Hotel

Coping with family over the holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration, and is when most families get together to eat, drink and be merry. Often, the holidays are the only time of year when the whole family makes an effort to be together. This can be a lovely sentiment, but can also put a lot of pressure on everyone for the occasion to be perfect. Even the closest of families can experience tension during the holidays, especially if you will all be staying in close quarters. Avoid arguments, and get the very best out of the season with these tips on coping with family over the holidays.

Know it’s not going to be perfect

Much of the stress created by the holidays originates from the belief that everything must be perfect. From the picture-perfect table settings, to the decorations, presents, and family singalongs – some people expect everything to go without a single hitch. However, life is rarely so simple. Vegetables may get burnt, kids may be running wild, and people may not even notice the effort you have put into the décor. All these things can certainly be frustrating, but allowing mishaps to dictate your feelings for the entire event will surely put a dampener on the entire holiday. Of course, put the effort in to making it a beautiful gathering but try not to flip out over anything that could go wrong. Being OK with less than perfect is one way to remain stress-free.

Allocate roles

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, allocate roles to various family members to help things go smoothly. This can be asking someone to oversee cooking certain foods, or making sure someone is entertaining the children while dinner is being prepared. Those that don’t want to be involved in the cooking should be prepared to help with the washing up and tidying once the meal is done. Allocating jobs in this way makes for less stress for you, and more time for everyone to enjoy the day. Simple Family Preparedness has some great tips on how to prepare for situations like this, including recipes for special family occasions.

Don’t rise to the bait

You may have felt compelled to invite that one person who never fails to insult you, be it intentionally, or just because they are tactless. No matter what sly dig they make, don’t retaliate. Remember, you are only around them for a brief time, and they are just one person out of a whole host of other people at the celebrations. If you are spending the holidays in your own home with invited family, and somebody is rude, simply remember not to invite them next time. If it is the host that attempts to belittle you at every family gathering, politely decline the invitation to spend the holidays with them, and explain why. You don’t have to be around toxic people, but you also don’t need to stoop to their level by returning the insults.



Many people have a passion for trekking and they like to choose a right destination for meeting essential requirements. There are a lot of places in the Western Ghats which allow tourists to plan a trekking trip with a family and group for experiencing more adventure. On the other hand, it is necessary to get more details about them before scheduling a trekking. Karnataka in India is a popular one for trekking mountains allowing the tourists to plan a trip accordingly. Kodachadri is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats enabling visitors to have a good view of scenic landscapes and other things. It is a perfect choice for trekking, camping, weekend getaways, and other activities to get more pleasure.

This mountain covers dense forests, waterfalls, meadows, and endangered species. The place is 400km away from Bangalore which exactly fulfils the expectations of trekkers. There are many things to do at the peak and one should hire a guide for overcoming difficulties in a trip. It is necessary to work with a right trekking company for scheduling a trip depending on the needs. The peak which is above 4400 sea level provides ways for enjoying outdoor activities with a group. Those who want to fix their itinerary should seek support from a professional service provider for ensuring complete satisfaction. Although there are several sources available for knowing the details, it is necessary to make a study of them online for making a right decision.

The best time to visit the peak is from October to February and tourists can enjoy nature accordingly. Some of the attractions in Kodachadri trek include Hidlumane falls, Arasinagundi falls, Mookambika National Park, and sunset. Trekkers should carry shoes, warm clothes, water bottles, tents, food item, and ponchos before preparing for a trip. At the same time, the packages may vary with a trek service provider and one can compare them online for planning a trip based on the choices. It is possible to book a trip in advance to witness more pleasure. Tourists should read the reviews and testimonials of trekking companies that can help in gaining more ideas. Most of them arrange accommodation and other services on a trip after evaluating the requirements.

A trek to Kodachadri will allow the tourists to discover wildlife and other things with ease. It is one of the top destinations for trekking purposes to make a memorable trip. Another thing is that it is the great weekend getaway near Bangalore enabling people to reach the place in quick turnaround time. Guest houses are available on the peak to ensure a better accommodation. In most cases, a trekking company will prepare the itinerary of trekkers to enjoy a trip without any difficulties. The trekking involves a maximum of 3 days and tourists can select their preferences which suit a trip. Bus services are available from Bangalore to Kollur and they can reach the place at the earliest. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions while booking a trip online.


Kampung Arab Accommodation That Location Is Near

When you are visiting Kampung Arab that is located in Bali Indonesia, you will surely need to find the best accommodations while you are staying there. That is because the Kampung Arab accommodation is one important thing that will help you get the best travel experience to this Middle Eastern style shopping district in Bali. Basically, there are a lot of nice accommodations that you can find in Bali, especially in Denpasar. The main reason is because this city is considered as one main city where you can find a lot of things and that reason too is the reason why there are a lot of accommodations that you can find in here. If you are looking for the best accommodations that are close to the main site of Kampung Arab, you will need to try some of these options below.

  • The first one is Grand Pondok Puri Ayu. This hotel can be considered as one of the best hotels that you can find near Kampung Arab. That is because the location of this hotel is just about 500 meters from the main site of Kampung Arab. As an addition to that, the facilities and amnesties that you can get from this hotel are good enough. Therefore, spending about 25 dollars a night will not be a problem at all since you can surely say that the price is affordable enough for the nice services that you will get.
  • The next one is Taman Suci Hotel. This hotel is located near the first one and you will only need to walk about ten minutes if you want to go to this affordable accommodation in Kampung Arab. Even though the location of this hotel is not that far from Kampung Arab main site, the starting room rate of this hotel is a little bit higher. You will need to spend about 27 dollars a night for a room on this hotel. Fortunately, the services and amnesties are good enough.
  • The last one is Hotel Catur Adi Putra. This hotel might be a little bit far since you will need to walk about 15 minutes to the longest distance of 700 meters. The starting room rate is also slightly higher, about 32 dollars a night. However, you can make sure that the price is worth the services and the views that you will get on this hotel. That is because nature and old school theme are two things that you will get from this hotel.

Those are some nice options that you can try if you are looking for the nice accommodations in Kampung Arab. Basically, there are a lot of hotels that you can find in Denpasar, but unfortunately, not all of those hotels are close enough to the main site of Kampung Arab. Therefore, if you are looking for the closest accommodations in Kampung Arab, those options that you can find above can be considered as the best options that you can try. As an addition, the starting room rate is still affordable enough.


Escorted Tours – Holidays For Everybody?

Escorted tours are a very popular form of holiday. They provide a way of getting a taster of a large area (“If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium”) or getting an in-depth introduction to a single country, region or locality.

Probably in the majority of cases, they are coach tours, but they need not be. It is possible to find escorted tours that go by train, by four-wheel drive, by bike (motor or pedal), by foot, even by camel, or a combination of several of them. A cruise can be regarded as an escorted tour, at least if you go on several of the shore excursions, albeit a very relaxing one. Sydney escorts This is even more so of river cruises.

Why go on an Escorted Tour?

Whilst one can organise a trip round a region oneself, escorted tours have the following advantages:

    • Convenience and time: everything is organised for you, you are taken from place to place, and your accommodation is ready and waiting. If you are working, your holidays are likely to be too short to enable you to cover meaningful distances, particularly in remote areas.
    • Local knowledge: Your guide will know much more about the locality’s attractions and customs than any guide-book. This can include things like knowing where the best restaurants are, where hidden gems are found to how much to tip.
  • Companionship and security: you are travelling with a group of like-minded people, so you have a head start in making friends. The tour manager and guide are there to warn you of any potential pitfalls, and if anything does go wrong, you have the tour operator to fall back on. Even if you would be happy to travel independently nearer to home, this can enable you to think of branching out to more remote areas.

Who goes on Escorted Tours?

Some people regard them as just being holidays for older people. This is true. However, there are many tour operators who aim for young people. These include some adventure travel companies, and companies such as Kontiki who restrict themselves to under 35s. The common factor is a lack of children. However, for those who have kids, there is at least one company (Explore), who does tours for families, with different trips for different age groups.

What kind of company should I go with?

There are many different tour companies. Some are mainstream, where as others are specialists. Mainstream does not mean run of the mill however. They take you to where you want to go, where as, it might be said, the more specialist take you to places you didn’t know you wanted to go. Frequently, for a certain touring area, several tour operators will follow a very similar route, with the major differentiation being on the quality of the hotels and what is included, from meals to entrance fees, and even limousines to and from your local airport. At the value end there are firms such as Newmarket, and at the more luxurious firms such as Titan and Collette


5 Reasons To Try Something New In Vacations Before The Summer Ends

Take a walk through your local store and you’ll notice the heavy presence of school supplies and clothing. It means one thing — summer is nearly over, and you have yet to enjoy a relaxing or adventurous vacation by yourself or with your family.

Good news is it isn’t too late to stop the mail, get someone to feed the pets, and head out on a journey. And there’s more good news, because you can try something new on a trip, regardless if it’s within your home state or several hundred miles away. Here are five reasons why trying something new on vacation is a must.

1. Quieting of Elements

Save for hurricanes, things tend to quiet down as the end of summer approaches. This also includes rapids used for those interested in white water rafting. With much of the mountain waters now through tributaries, the more dangerous rapids have eased a bit, and this makes for a better time if you or your family are first-timers in this type of adventure.

2. Lessening of Crowds

Not everyone starts school at the same time. Some may start at the beginning of August while others don’t start until after Labor Day. Nevertheless, as the weeks pass the crowds thin out at popular locations. This is particularly true at popular sites for whitewater tours. This gives vacationers a more intimate experience with guides who spend every day travelling down the rapids.

3. Reduction of Costs

Tour companies and tourist destinations want to get the most out of vacationers before the season ends, and that’s why you may start seeing deep discounts for new locations you have always wanted to travel to. This is particularly true for adventure tours as they begin to lose some of their personnel to school and shift into a fall-based program. Travel websites such as this one provide information on these types of adventures and the estimated incurred costs for you when you decide on a new destination for vacation.

4. More Rooms available

Did you want to travel and stay at a new national park this summer but couldn’t get a room due to constant unavailability?  If you can edit this sentence to go from: Well, booking a room at one of these new vacation spots before the summer ends can not only get you the accommodations you want but also the price you can afford.  You can even get deals on luxury Hawaiian Beach Rentals, making a trip to Hawaii reasonably priced. Granted, some of the extra activities may be reduced; however, they may not matter if you’re interest is seeing something new.

5. Variety is the … well, you know

Sure, it’s great that you’re familiar with a vacation spot you travel to each year. You and your family may be there so much that the locals recognize you. Yet, you may eventually get tired of the same attractions and restaurants. This is why you should expand your horizons and try a new vacation before the summer ends. Whether it be whitewater rafting, hiking, or urban touring around a city you’ve never been to, this type of variety can energize you to the point of trying a new vacation each year.

This article was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.


4 New Wedding Trends to Consider for Winter Receptions

While a winter wedding usually means an outdoor venue is out of the question, there are ways you can make your day just as memorable as a summer wedding. If you are the kind of person who wants to do something new or fashionable, then you can incorporate a hip idea into your day. Here are four trending winter wedding options to consider.

Terrarium centerpieces

When gloomy days and chilly temperatures make it hard to say your vows outside, bringing the outdoors inside can help. Terrariums are easy to adapt to any budget, size, and color. You can choose a traditional shape and outfit it with custom flowers and plants. Tailoring these centerpieces to your wedding theme is a fun way to spend time with the bridal party or close family members who want to help. Brides says this decor is an excellent idea for people who are not keen on lots of flowers.

Wedding buses

Does your special day include drinking alcohol? Instead of worrying about leaving someone out, you can choose a wedding bus hire. Guests can drink on the way to the venue, and you know everyone arrives and leaves safely. If your location is out of the way, then using a shuttle service will help get large groups to the venue. Plus, there are no worries about people getting lost.

Smoke bomb exits

Couples can announce themselves to the world with a colorful flourish using smoke bombs. Martha Stewart offers some good advice when using these items. Having one person in charge of setting off the smoke bomb is important to ensure the couple can enjoy their moment. The venue may not allow these items, so it is important to check before making final arrangements. Another thing to think about is the over spray. You do not want to ruin your wedding day attire because it was windy. These items put off sparks, so keeping a big enough distance between the couple and the smoke bomb is crucial.

Balloon walls

Whether you want to cover up a boring paint job, or you need something to add more color to your theme, balloon walls are excellent choices. You can use these walls to create centerpieces, backdrops for photos, or an arch the couple can use when exiting the reception. These walls are easily customizable and fun to use.

Your winter wedding can be bright and fun with these four options. Giving one person the job of monitoring cleanup will ensure the couple can enjoy the day and not worry. Other fun ideas include using ribbon centerpieces, live DJ’s, and buffet receptions.


Mumbai-City That Never Sleeps

There are many things exciting which you can do in Mumbai. Mumbai earlier was called Bombay. It is very populated and is a busy city. It is a place full of dreams, where people and dreamers work very hard to fulfil their dreams. Mumbai has a huge diversity, and it welcomes everyone with pleasure, as the people there are very friendly and warm. This city is filled with many tourist attractions with many architectural excellences. It has many things such as bazaars, fancy restaurants, hotels, temples, nightlife, and the list goes on and on. So let’s look at some of the best tourist attractions.

  • Gateway of India

It was established around 20th century and is visited the most in Mumbai. Gateway of India is situated right overlooking Arabian Sea, so the location is the part which makes it look even more attractive. The height of this building is 85 feet long, and is known to be one of the significant landmarks of Mumbai. To finish this building it took around 13 years, and was dedicated to Queen Mary and King George V on their first visit. Right next to this building is theTajMahal Hotel, which has been there before even Gateway of India was built. Also opposite of this there is Shivaji statue.

  • ChatrapatiShivaji Terminus

This was constructed during the rule of British, and it took 100 years for it to be fully constructed, which started from year 1787 and got over by 1887. From the year 1887, it was open for general use. It is known as CST, as this is what the Mumbaikars prefer to call it. Earlier,it was called VT that is Victoria Terminus. It is a must see, even though it’s inevitable that many tourists who come from faraway, don’t visit it, as this is one of the major source of transportation.

  • Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is situated in Malad West in Mumbai. Malad is filled with many tourist attractions apart from the famous Aksa Beach. There are many things you could get to do such as visit historical monuments, eateries, shopping mall, etc. You will find some of the best hotels in Malad, some of them facing this beautiful beach, which will make your stay pleasant and soothing.

  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

Well if you are planning to go to Mumbai, taking blessings from Lord Ganesha is a must. This temple is devoted to Ganesha. The architecture of this temple is marvellous, and completely stunning.

  • Marine Drive

How can you not visit Marine Drive? The best part of Mumbai is this. Its scenic beauty is incomparable, and during the evening time, it just gets enchanting. During the night time, you will find less crowd, that’s why it is the perfect time. While you are here, you could enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, with the overview of beautiful sea.


10 Beginner Hiking Tips

If you are new to outdoor camping, the following tips for the beginner glamour camper can be a tremendous help to producing an enjoyable experience. Camping becomes easier and more enjoyable while you are more prepared. These hiking tips will help you go from your “beginner” to an “advanced” van in no time.

10 Tips For Beginners

  • Tip #1 :

Know the people you are backpacking with and the amenities they require, even if it is only stay. Do you need a swimming pool, electrical energy, hot shower and flushing toilets or can you make it through with an outhouse and no water stream? If you have children, consider the requirements as well. Then find a campground, encampment, base camp that fits those needs.

  • Hint #2 –

Camp having someone who has camped before. Become familiar with something new every time. Eventually they will learn something from you. Inquire a lot of questions (How performed you start that fire? How would you keep the tablecloth down? ).

  • Tip #3 :

Commence planning early for your camping out trip. Many popular destinations are reserved months before hand. You do not want to leave this particular to chance. I recommend beginning close to your home as well. Attempt to arrive at the campsite just before it gets dark getting all of your gear organized.

  • Word of advice #4 –

If you are using the backpacking tent, put it up at your home before you leave. Make sure you have all often the poles, stakes, and other elements and are comfortable getting it built. You may want to practice in the dark also, in case you arrive late.

  • Suggestion #5 –

Use a outdoor camping checklist when packing your current supplies. During your camping journey, add those things that you want to your checklist for the very next time. Contact the campsite to aid with this as well – do you want a grill or grilling, can you have a fire, do they offer picnic table?

  • Tip #6 :

Pack appropriate clothes and footwear. Check the temperature before you leave so you know how sizzling or cold it will be through the night. Will you need any rain accessory? What activities will you accomplish during the day? Don’t wear new sandals if you are going to hike Half Cupola in Yosemite.

  • Tip #7 :

Bring food that is simple prepare and serve. Recognize how you will cook the food. Are you experiencing charcoal, propane or fire wood? Matches, lighter fluid, and so forth (see checklist again)

  • Idea #8 –

Have some exercises planned for your trip. Trekking, biking, river rafting, floating around, boating, fishing and horse riding are just a few suggestions. Occurs imagination and you will never sate.

  • Tip #9 :

Depart your campsite clean. There needs to be no sign that you have been even there. The next class camping there will appreciate it, the same exact way you would.

  • Tip #10 :