Driving Lessons for Driving Manual Cars

Every family nowadays own a car and hence, it is mandatory to learn driving so that you do not have to depend on public conveyance.

In Australia, you need driving license after undergoing driving lessons Melbourne. Here in this article, we shall discuss how you can drive any manual car in step by step manner.

Before you enter your car and sit behind the wheel, you must understand about all the controls and indications that are provided in the dash board.

In Australia, driver’s seat is in the right side of the car and the driving position will be left hand side of the road. So, in order to sit on driver’s seat, you must enter into the car from the right side.

To start with, while sitting in the driver’s seat, you need to adjust the position of your seat so that you can comfortably handle the wheel of the car, which is meant for turning the direction of the car. Put on your seat belt.

Now adjust the rear mirror and side mirrors so that you can get the view of the back side of the car clearly. Now below near your foot, you will see three pedals and their functions are as follows:

  • Leftmost pedal is clutch, which will be operated by your left foot
  • Pedal in the middle is the brake, which will be operated by your right foot whenever you need to apply brake.
  • Right pedal is the accelerator, which will be operated by your right foot

Now on your left, you will find gear shifter, where you will find numbers, which is the position of different gears. The gear 1, 3 and 5 are on one side while gear 2 and 4 are on the opposite side. Another gear R is called reverse gear, which is used while reversing your car.

How to drive manual transmission car?

  1. Locate the ignition switch. Now ensure that your gear position is in neutral position and turn on the ignition so that the engine will start. Car will not move in this position.
  2. To start your car, press the clutch pedal with left foot and brake with right foot and put gear in the 1st position.
  3. Now remove your right foot out of brake and slowly release your clutch with left foot and press the accelerator pedal with right foot so that car begins to move.
  4. Remove your left foot from clutch and reach the speed of 15 MPH with the accelerator.
  5. Now again press the clutch pedal with left foot and change to 2nd gear and raise speed up to 25 MPH
  6. Again, press the clutch and change to 3rd gear and reach the speed of around 40 MPH
  7. In the same manner change to 4th and 5th gear and maintain speed above 45 and above.

How to reverse the car

Car should be in stop position and start the car engine and then press the clutch and bring the gear in “R” position. Now you can raise the accelerator and your car will move in the reverse direction.

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