Know How to Blow in Your Marijuana Party

Marijuana over the years has been considered as something meant only for unsocial elements. However, now it seems, marijuana had unnecessary bad reputation that it never deserved, as scientist have identified many health benefits of this.

Many countries have now made its use legal and as a result, many smoke shops can now be seen all across the city or town.

However, many people are still unaware about cannabis and will like to know how can one use various accessories used for marijuana and also enjoy them in any party or gathering.

So, in this write up, we shall try to share something that all of us should know about its use so that one can really be aware about their uses.

Although marijuana is grown almost everywhere in the world, but you can get best quality of marijuana only from Middle Eastern countries. Lebanese hash is considered to be one of the best hashish of the world.

Flower or putty  

Basic difference between hash and weed is only their physical form. Generally, weed is dried flower of cannabis plant. Users will break up all dense buds of the flower for smoking, vaping or ingesting.

Hashish can be quite different including bubble hash. Putty hash is dark brown type solid material which is made from resin of marijuana.

Bubble hash is entirely different altogether. It is cannabis concentrate almost like other kind of hash, but unlike regular hashish it is not made out of resin extracted from cannabis buds.

Potency factors

Potency is another main consideration and basic difference between hash and weed is their different potency. The psychoactive ingredient of cannabis is THC which will provide the ‘high’ effect to users.

Most weed contains THC between 10 – 20%. Remember that all kinds of hashish are usually concentrates, and also potency comes from that.

But even traditional hash contains 50% THC. Bubble hash may even exceed that, and around 10% stronger. About 60% THC content in bubble hash is quite common. In any party, it is the hit that will be liked by people


As far as different effects are concerned, hashish made from Indica, Sativa, or any Hybrid marijuana strain will have same characteristics.

Same can also be said about cannabis Indica strains or an Indica hash. There will be same mellowing, relaxing and sedating effects that Indica strains usually are known for.

Often people agree that any hybrid sativa or Indica strains will be the best. If you too agree then probably you will enjoy effects of hashish which is made from hybrid cannabis strains.

How you can smoke hash

There can be choices so far as how you can smoke hash is concerned. Most simple way is to break it off and then pinch few ‘nerds’, as usually they are called, before you load them into pipe bowl.

A bong is water pipe, and you can smoke hash in bong that can be excellent way of enjoying it.

Last, but certainly not the least, the best choice will be vaping hash. You will get optimized THC decarboxylation and it will obviously be a lot easier on lungs too.

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